Venture Studio (6): Trevor Owens: Entrepreneur, Super-Connector, Community Organizer

This is Episode (6) of Venture Studio

Welcome to this conversation with one of the most dynamic members of New York's tech community, the omnipresent and ubiquitous Trevor Owens who embodied the concept of "student entrepreneur" during his time at NYU. He has recently left school to launch two startups simultaneously. Enjoy.

Below is a short table of contents (with corresponding minutes) of our conversation.

:15          How a finance major @NYU got drawn into tech world? 

3:31       "I was taking every awesome opportunity I could & running with it"

3:39       Heard that Trevor Owens is leaving NYU... why, how, etc.? 

5:12        How his mentors, family, friends reacted to his decision

6:08       Trevor's thoughts on mentorship

7:38       Our discussion on team-building      

8:52       The story and business model of

11:18      The story and business model of the Lean Startup Machine

12:47     Discussion of this Mobile Accelerator Model and his influences       

14:00    Trevor hiring interns. Has lots of projects going on right now    


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