Venture Studio (5): Vinicius Vacanti, CEO of Yipit (Part II)

This is Episode (5) of Venture Studio

Welcome to Part II of this in-depth conversation with the extraordinary Vinny Vacanti, CEO of Yipit

In this second part of the conversation we cover topics such as the importance of engaging your fellow entrepreneurs in the tech community, his take on the right way engage with investors, the importance of getting real, honest and at times brutal feedback about your business, and Vinny's description of his team, his business model and what's coming next for Yipit.

Below is a short table of contents (with corresponding minutes) of Part II of our conversation.

:oo         What are the founders doing to engage the NYV tech community?

:54         Who the people are that really end up helping you. 

1:51        The mindset required to be a successful tech entrepreneur 

3:15       How to think about getting to know investors

4:19       Investors as part of the community & "investing in the curve" (!)

6:05      "The most brutal feedback we got.... was the most helpful..."

6:45      "It was like getting punched in the face"

7:05       Their meeting with Eric Paley of Founders Collective

9:05      "Traction is King"... Getting Funded

10:43    "I taught myself all the back-end development, but I am not CTO"

11:27      The Team

12:32     The Business Model

15:06     What is Next for Yipit?

16:50     Vinny's awesome blog:


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