University Entrepreneurship


I have broken this category down into three sections below.

I)   The first is all about the student entrepreneurship and how to "win" as a student entrepreneur.

II)  The second section is about university entrepreneurship more generally, including faculty spinoffs. 

III) The third is a list of Grants and Business Plan Competitions for Student Entrepreneurs                                  (AKA: Free Money!)

Series on Student Entrepreneurship:



My TEDx Talk on Student Entrepreneurship: "Why Wait 'Til You Graduate?"

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What Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Succeed (2) Get Connected!


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National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Association  

Kauffman Foundation 

Competition Database


Socially Responsible / Green Tech Business Plan Competitions

Opportunity Green OG25 Awards

Due: 10/5/11

NYU-Stern School of Business Entrepreneurs Challenge

Due: 10/6/11

William James Foundation Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition

Due: 10/12/11

Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Due: 10/24/11

MIT 100K

Due: 10/24/2011

Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Due: 11/9/11

Walmart Better Living

Due: 11/15/11

Acterra Business Environmental Awards

Due: 11/15/11

McKinsey Social Innovation Video Challenge

Due: 11/18/11

McGinnis Venture Competition

Due: 2/11/2012

Tulane Conscious Capitalism Business Plan Competition

Due: TBD

Dell Social Innovation Competition

Due: 2/14/2012

Rice University Business Plan Competition

Due: 2/17/2012

Clean Tech Open

Due: Spring 2012

Columbia Venture Competition

Due: Spring 2012

Global Social Venture Competition

Due: 1/25/2012

SVN Innovation Awards

Due: Spring 2012

The Intel®+UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challengeue:

Due: January 2012

Investor's Circle Call for Applicants

Due: Spring


Socially Responsible / Sustainable Enterprise Fellowships:

The Unreasonable Institute

Due: 11/10/11

Echoing Green Fellowship

Due: December 2011

Kauffman Foundation Global Scholars

Due: 10/17/11


Business Plan Competitions for Women Entrepreneurs:

Eileen Fisher Self-Image Grant Program for Women and Girls

Due: February 2012

Pipeline Fellowship

Due: Spring 2012

Cartier Women’s Initiative

Dute: March 2012

Women 2.0 Business Plan Competition

Due: 10/30/11

Women in Business 2011-2012

Due: 12/30/11


Incubators/Fellowships/Investors/NY Networks for Women Entrepreneurs :


Due: Rolling

Golden Seeds

Due: Rolling

In Good Company Office Space

85 Broads

New York Women Social Entrepreneurs


Additional Lists:

130 Ways to Fund Your Social Venture

William James List