University Spin-Offs (3): Suffering from Entrepreneur's Block?


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This is part of my Series on University Entrepreneurship.

 If you’re an entrepreneur looking for your next start-up, of course it’s probably best to have your own idea for a company. No doubt you’re enmeshed in your city’s local entrepreneurship network- but if you really have a bad case of entrepreneur’s block and haven’t come up with anything worthwhile lately, you might consider paying a visit to your local university tech transfer office. Never heard of tech transfer you say? Been too busy building companies? Ok, start reading my first posts on this subject, and catch up on this thread.  

You may be amazed to learn that some universities spin-off up to a dozen companies a year based on their IP. Sure it’s true that some of these are “faculty-vanity” plays, but there’s plenty of good companies emerging from the academy.  

I’ll let you in on another fact: If you’ve got a few successes in your past, you’ll be very welcome when you show up. See if they have a person running their start-up arm, sometimes called  “new ventures” or “the venture lab”.

So pay a visit, introduce yourself and they’ll keep an eye out for you.


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