Venture Studio Rising


As of a few years ago and well before podcasts had become "a thing", I was doing video interviews of entrepreneurs and investors regularly on my show-  Venture Studio. A confluence of factors led me to put the show on hold for a while, not the least of which was the unexpected and deeply painful loss of my father. I have my own family with young kids and have also been looking after my mom, who has had a tough time adjusting after 50+ years of marriage to her best friend. Recently though, I noticed that podcasts had really gone mainstream with the advent of bluetooth-enabled cars, ease of production, new podcast apps with great UX (such as Overcast), and talented media people switching to "podcast first" (such as Bill Simmons and the Gimlet Media team).  I started thinking about reprising the show as a podcast with more of a focus on investors. With the encouragement of a terrific former student of mine- Kevin Weeks, Venture Studio rose from the ashes a couple of months ago in its new incarnation as a podcast. It's been incredibly gratifying to experience the support and encouragement from so many of you and I'm happy to say that with just 15 episodes in, the growth of the show on this medium has been just terrific. Kevin is crushing it as the producer of the show and I'm able to concentrate on what I love doing- interviewing the talented and thoughtful guests that comprise the investment community of New York City and beyond.

So I just want to thank everyone who has subscribed and is listening for the support. I also want to thank the incredible guests who bring such rich insights to the conversation. So huge thanks to @davetisch @benlerer @mattcharris @jeff @bopeabody @john_frankel @amol @alexiskold @joannewilson @stephpalmeri @mikeyavo and @cshapiro .

If for some reason you haven't checked it out as of yet or know of a friend who would enjoy our show please share this link with him or her and/or subscribe here.

I'm really looking forward to taking things to the next level in 2016. I hope you can join the community.

Happy New Year!