Episode 9: the one and only Gotham Gal

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I recently had @thegothamgal, (Joanne Wilson), on my podcast. She's a true original- one of a kind- just special. She's also a prolific angel investor in New York, (85 companies and counting), and a major supporter of the city’s startup ecosystem.

Joanne began angel investing in New York after careers in retail, wholesale, media, non-profit, education and real estate. Very few investors can match the deep understanding of "the customer" she brings to the teams she decides to back. I learned a ton from our conversation.

Joanne blogs regularly at gothamgal.com and you can find her on twitter @thegothamgal. She is an outspoken supporter of women entrepreneurs and the co-founder of Women Entrepreneurs Festival.

I hope you enjoy and learn as much as I did.