zero to one

Zero Becomes One: The Founder's Journey Begins

This is my final post  from my ongoing Series on Getting from Zero to One in Your Startup.

The weeks and months have passed. Something strange has happened. You pause to reflect.

  • You have a product in the hands of the customers with whom you are continually engaging as you iterate this product
  • Their feedback has been enormously helpful and you have adjusted to it intelligently
  • These customers may have started paying you for your product or perhaps it is free- but you have simplified some aspect of their lives already and they are pleased and happy to give feedback
  • Your map is in constant flux, hardly resembling it's first incarnation
  • You have the nucleus of a team you instinctively feel you can build upon. It just seems to "work" and you sense this
  • In your continuous conversations with customers, colleagues, friends, investors, experts, mentors and the like- offers of seed investment have presented themselves to you. You have taken your time and have built real relationships with all of these people and investors and some of these relationships have blossomed
  • You may have some or all of these by now including a card, a website, an app, a presence, a small office, other people working with you, funding, revenue, feedback, p/r, momentum, attention....

In taking stock, you further realize that you are no longer at Zero.

You are at One.

Your journey has begun.

I wish you well.....