Bitcoin's Dark Underbelly

Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog

An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay


Watch this video below before we talk, (yes it's worth your time):

Questions for you:

Is this the trailer for a new Werner Herzog documentary?

Or is it just another awesome example of what journalism can be with the likes of @Vice as opposed to the shallowness of the MSM?

Is it the story of a new kind of entrepreneur (Chinese in this case) the likes of which the world has never seen?

Or is it merely the story of the new generation of railroad barons or oil magnates- the new Carnegies and Rockefellers ?

Is it merely the story - (as the genius/protagonist/entrepreneur himself states) of "the mining era of Bitcoin",  as we might now talk of Picasso's blue period or the Bronze Age?

Or is it the post-modern riposte to the mythic, Campbell-esque dark subterranean workshop of the smithy of the gods, Hephaestus?

Or is it a mere expression of "Schopenhaurian will" expressed via an entrepreneurial venture with shareholders and employees and cables and fans and hollow rooms...

Is it a precursor to the soulless world of the predominance of machines and their hapless lackeys who oil them and tweak them assiduously only to take breaks for video games and cigarettes - much like a prison guard might relax from his shift?

Or is it the same soulless furnace of production we see throughout the world at the beginnings of any Industrial Age- the same menial dank conditions we saw on the lower east side in the sweat shops, that we see throughout the developing world in factories a la Foxconn, or in the coal mines where men and children destroyed their youth and their lungs?

Or is it the dawn of an emerging age that will liberate us from the servitude and obeisance to a financial system that subjects us to transaction costs and fees upon fees layered upon each other so as to chip away at the honest labor of hardworking men and women around the world?

Or is it the threnodial hum of a new dawn that the cosseted western mind cannot yet fathom?

Or is it the visual manifestation of an Andreessonian distopia where software eats the world?

Or is merely the colossal manifestation of a brilliant, focused entrepreneur's vision?

How do you see it?

(I am officially long Bitcoin)