The Rise of Tech @ Columbia University: Part 2, The Venture Investors

Here it is: The second post in this series, which reflects on the remarkable flourishing and momentum that I’ve seen develop in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Columbia University over the past decade.

In the first post in this Series we had a quick look at a sampling of some of the great companies and founders that have emerged from the ecosystem over the past decade. Thanks for all your encouragement and tweets and help with companies I may have missed. Keep it coming!

In preparing for this post, I took a look at the various venture capital funds throughout the country that have Columbia DNA on their teams. It turns out that Columbia alums are on the teams of more than 300 venture funds in one role or another!  And whereas listing all the venture funds that have Columbians on their team would be too voluminous an exercise for one blog post, I've listed the 40+ venture funds below that have Columbia alums at either the Co-Founder, Partner or Managing Director level. Not surprisingly, Columbia graduates are among those running some of the most vaunted names in the business (Sequoia, a16z, Accel, FirstRound and others), as well as many of the emerging venture franchises of the future.