Episodes 37 & 38: Spencer Ante tells story of world's first Venture Capitalist

The guest on these two episodes is Spencer Ante, author of Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital.

Spencer is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated and award-winning author, writer, editor, and journalist formerly with The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Wired. He is also a seasoned product developer and manager with extensive experience across digital media, social media, broadcast, and print media. He is also President and cofounder of WhoWeUse, a mobile app and Web directory that connects people with the most popular local services used by their friends and neighbors.

Spencer tells the story of the first professional venture capitalist in the world, the guy who literally “made up the industry” and launched the first venture fund ever- in 1946! Georges Doriot was a visionary, few understood what he was doing, the SEC fought him tooth and nail throughout the decades he was running his venture fund. His LP’s nagged him incessantly for immediate “dividends” well before the startups he was backing had even had a chance to grow. Yet Doriot stayed true to his vision and pushed forward relentlessly. He was eventually vindicated- but you'll hear all about it on these episodes.

So head on up to the venture studio office and hear the story that Spencer’s got for us.

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