Episodes 13 & 14: John Frankel, FF Ventures

This is a conversation with John Frankel in two parts.

John Frankel is the founding partner of ff Venture Capital, and has been an early-stage investor since 1999. John has served as a director of over 35 companies and an investor in more than 76 companies, including Cornerstone OnDemand, Indiegogo, Ionic Security, Klout, SkyCatch, Plated, 500px, Distil Networks, and Bottlenose.

In Part 1 of this amazing two part interview with John Frankel, Dave and John discuss how ff approaches investing, what functions ff provides to it’s portfolio companies and why they do it, the label on the back of the honey bottle, and what it means to be living in a world of abundance.

In the second part, John continues his description of a tech future with just a few behemoths owning the lion’s share of every market. Dave and John discuss how to find growth in a zero growth world and the potential down sides of tech shrinking the globe.

Finally, they revisit John’s prognostications (from four years ago on this very show) about about the late-stage valuation bubble that we find ourselves in today and the implications on today’s early-stage environment.