Resources for Launching/Running Startups

Here's a running compilation of massively helpful links that I've come across over the years that correspond to each phase of launching and operating a startup.


Getting from Zero to One (What To Do Before You Launch)

Dave Lerner: My Series on Getting from Zero to One

Paul Graham: Look in the Mirror (partial) and Look in the Mirror (full)

Venture Hacks: Quick and Dirty Guide to Starting Up

Thinking About Names for Your Startup

 Julian Shapiro, Founder of NameLayer, gives an excellent overview

Understanding the Meaning of a Lean Startup

 The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Finding A Technical Co-Founder 

Humbled MBA: Stop Asking How to Find One: (You Have to Earn One)

Tech Crunch: Stop Looking for a Technical CoFounder

Pitching People

Founder Institute's One Sentence Pitch concept

Business Model Generation
Business Model Generation by Alex Oswalder lays out the Business Model Canvas

Understanding Lean Incubation & Investing

Dave McClure, in his inimitable way, lays it out