Venture Studio (18): Mike Brown, Jr., Partner & Founder AOL Ventures

Recently I sat down with the terrific Mike Brown, Jr., one of the Founders and a Partner at AOL Ventures, the VC arm of AOL which focuses on Seed and Series A non-strategic investing in tech-oriented consumer internet companies.

Mike comes to AOL Ventures from the Virgin Group's investment arm and talked with us about the history, vision and approach of the AOL fund- which you'll learn is definitely not your typical corporate venture arm. He recently moved the operation to the venerable Brooks Brothers building on Broadway and Bond in NOHO and absolutely did wonders with the space- check the video below for footage. In 1874 the New York Times effused as follows concerning the place: “Externally it is an ornament to the street, and its internal arrangements are of the most perfect kind.” I can state unequivocally that this description still fits the bill and that all AOL Ventures portfolio companies headquartered or being incubated there are enjoying one of the best workspaces I've encountered in NYC.

Learn about how AOL Ventures' approaches investing in the very early-stage sector of a startup's lifecycle in our conversation below:

You'll find the whole interview here at: Venture Studio

AOL Ventures670_Bway