Venture Studio (14): Bo Peabody: Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Author, Restaurateur

This is Episode (14) of Venture Studio

Welcome to this week's conversation with the multi-talented Bo Peabody, founder or co-founder of Tripod (acq. by Lycos/Terra), Everyday Health, VoodooVox, HealthGuru, UplayMe, Village Ventures, (a NYC-based $135m venture fund focused on both the media and financial services sectors), author of the book, Lucky or Smart, and owner of the hospitality company Mezze, Inc. which operates three award-winning restaurants he started. (Yes- I can personally confirm that Mezze Bistro up in Williamstown, MA is a great spot if you're ever in the area for the summer theater festival or just passing through).

We caught up with Bo in NYC recently, and in the interest of time focused our conversation on his against-the-grain habit of founding and investing in content companies- which he has been doing for years with great success.

It's no surprise- he's been an iconoclast since I met him some some seventeen years ago when he was a college student launching Tripod in the very early days of the web. Hardly any one knew or understood what the heck he was doing back then- but he did. Enjoy.

:40  -  Why does Bo invest in content when most everyone else runs from it? 

1:41 -  Learn about Everyday Health (largest health property on the web)

4:10 - We discuss portfolio companies: Health Guru, Tech Media Network, Babble, Daily Makeover, Travel Ad Network, Trefis

6:57 - Who is Bo syndicating with these days?

8:20 - What's the right deal pace for a venture fund?

9:00 - We discuss Lucky or Smart and the recent Business Insider series

11:53 - Bo's take on the Village Ventures and their expansion

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