Venture Studio (11): Jonathan Glick, CEO of Sulia

This is Episode (11) of Venture Studio

Welcome to this week's conversation with entrepreneur Jonathan Glick, founder and CEO of his latest venture, Sulia- which I learned is in many ways the apotheosis of a nearly two decades-long career at the cutting-edge of content-creation on the web.

Jonathan is a true web pioneer having started his career at AOL during its infancy and then at iVillage with a subsequent stint running technology and product development for the New York Times, as CEO of his own venture-backed startup OuterForce, and as Director of Research Operations for the Gerson Lehrman Group.

Learn about Jonathan's rich experiences through those early days of content creation on the web all the way through to the launch of New York-based Sulia, a venture-backed, real-time media company focused on filtering Twitter into high quality content channels. He's amazingly candid and open about his entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy.

:16  -  Developming his "arcane" skills at AOL in "those early days"

:50 -  Meeting and joining the founders of iVillage

1:00 - Joining the NYT & working for visionary, Martin Nisenholtz

1:50 - The genesis & premise of his first startup, OuterForce

3:55 - Funding via Flatiron Ventures (Jerry Colonna & Fred Wilson

4:20 - The story of OuterForce & and many lessons learned

8:05 - New adventure with the Gerson Lehrman Group

9:02 - The premise of Sulia...

10:00 - Sulia's business model...

11:17 - Sulia's relationship with Twitter

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