Venture Studio (3): Mark Loranger of Square 1 Bank

This is Episode (3) of Venture Studio

Get to know Mark Loranger, who runs the Square Roots Program @ Square 1 Bank. Square Roots is completely dedicated to serving the banking needs of promising startups so if you are a tech entrepreneur you'll learn all about what services Mark's program provides for their clients.

In this conversation we explore such topics as:

:43       What the heck is a venture bank?

2:25     What is the Square Roots Program?

3:40     What services do they provide for their clients? 

4:35     What types of companies they work with

6:03     What is their portfolio like?

7:10      Costs, etc... why it's pretty much free, etc.

8:42     Discussion of Startup Genome Project

10:20   Trends Square 1 is seeing in Angel/VC investing

11:40   Convergence of Seed Rounds and Series A in 2010

13:40   How this convergence resembles pro-wrestling!? :)

16:09   Bubble(s) Forming? What's happening in 2011?

16:27    Ron Conway/Yuri Milner/Y combinator           

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