Weekend Reading... a tad heavier than usual


NY Times: President of Poland Killed in Plane Crash in Russia

(Immense tragedy and loss for Poland. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing this fascinating gentleman and freedom-fighter speak perhaps one year ago at a luncheon sponsored by Baker McKenzie where he spoke at length without notes.)

WSJ: Senator Reed Again Pushes $30M Registration Rule for VC

(No doubt drawing upon his vast expertise [read: NONE!] with start-ups and venture capital)

Hargreaves: Hacking Venture Capital: A Taxonomy

James Grant: Greenspan's Just a Guy in a Suit

Fred Wilson: No Conflict, No Interest

Bijan Sabet: What is an East Coast Term Sheet?

Charlie O'Donnell: Why the Foursquare Acquisition Story Makes No Sense

NY Times: David Simon- Pugnacious D

(Great piece about the creator of The Wire & Treme)