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New York City’s Academic Institutions: A Stunning Engine of Innovation


Many of us who have the distinct pleasure to live and work in New York’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and/or Silicon Alley have no inkling of the staggering role its local academic institutions play in the realm of innovation, licensing, and start-up formation. I can tell you that until approximately six years ago I had no idea of the sheer scale of it all.  It  is certainly true that the majority of this output is in the realm of health sciences/biotech, but much is being done to stimulate entrepreneurship from engineering, computer science departments, the undergraduate ranks and the business schools.  (More on this in subsequent posts).

Just look at these hard numbers:

Annual Research Funds:                                       $1872 million

Annual  Inventions:                                                 643

Annual New Licenses and Options:                      193

Total Active Revenue Generating Agreements: 566

Annual Gross Licensing Revenue:                       $509 million

Annual Number of Start-up Companies:             20

Number of Start-up Companies to Date:             188



Source: New York Academic Consortium (NYAC)


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Hosting Entrepreneur Office Hours at CTV's Venture Lab for the Columbia Community

This is part of my Series on University Entrepreneurship.

 Those of you in the Columbia community may want to take advantage of the Entrepreneur Office Hours I am hosting with my colleague Andres Soto at Columbia Tech Ventures' (CTV's) Venture Lab. This is the announcement that was sent out a few days ago:

Thinking seriously about a start-up or wondering if an entrepreneurial path is right for you?  Come to our Entrepreneur Office Hours!

Columbia Technology Ventures invites you to our popular Entrepreneur Office Hours, open to all faculty, students and staff, including Columbia graduate students and post-docs.  Entrepreneur Office Hours offers you the opportunity to tap the advice and guidance of our Venture Lab team, comprised of experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence, angel investors, and seasoned mentors .

We are here to help you brainstorm, provide guidance and perspective as you consider the following issues:

·       To launch or not to launch

·       How to develop and protect intellectual property

·       How to finance your company

·       Understanding the technology transfer process

·       Understanding the market you are entering

·       What resources are available to you

Entrepreneur Office Hours are offered by on a rolling basis, by appointment.  To schedule an appointment, email Andres Soto: andres.soto at columbia dot edu

ABOUT COLUMBIA TECHNOLOGY VENTURES – Columbia Technology Ventures is the technology transfer office of Columbia University.  With Columbia inventors and entrepreneurs, we partner with industry and investors to develop new technologies, products, and services, for the benefit of society.  We also serve as a resource for the Columbia community on matters relating to entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and technology commercialization.  For more information, please visit our website at


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