Angel Investing (1): A High Risk Activity

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This is part of my Series on Angel Investing.

There’s loads of material on angel investing on the web. You can also dig up a slew of statistics about angel investing, angel groups, exit rates and find a bunch of charts various well-intentioned academics have concocted. 

I’d like to begin this series with one core principle that’s been driven home to me after just about a decade doing this.  It’s definitely a more simple take: Angel Investing is just another form of gambling, nothing more, nothing less.

If you're steeped in mathematics and find this statement somewhat imprecise, I'll provide a formula:

Traditional Angel Investing = Gambling

Yes of course you do your diligence. Of course you’ve assessed it like a 10 foot birdie putt from every angle.

But make no mistake. You’re simply betting on one thing:

Another human being.

I guess this is my way of saying that in my experience, nothing else approaches the importance of the leader and the team.

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