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About Me

holder-picI’m a serial entrepreneur with 2 exits, angel investor in 50+ companies and host of Venture Studio.

I’m also the Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and was the Director of Columbia’s Venture Lab for seven years where I spun-out 70+ technology start-ups based on university research.

One of my latest projects is the Startup Genome, where, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation and Endeavor Global, we we are mapping the entire world’s early-stage investment and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

My personal blog, www.davelerner.com, explores the worlds of university entrepreneurship, angel/venture investing, and startups and I’m a frequent contributor to multiple publications including Amex OPENForum, Forbes, peHub, and Business Insider, whose SAI group recently named me both one of the “top 100 most influential New Yorkers in the digital business community” and “one of NYC’s top 100 early stage investors”.

I’m an active organizer of entrepreneurship and venture capital events and serve on the Board of New York Tech Meetup, a non-profit organization I am proud to say is now 40,000 techies strong!








Most Recent Posts

werner2 An’ the dawn comes up like thunder outer China ‘crost the Bay… Kipling       Watch this video below before we talk, (yes it’s worth your time):   Questions for you: Is this the trailer for a new Werner Herzog documentary? Or is it just another awesome example of what journalism can be with the likes of @Vice as opposed to the shallowness of the MSM? Is it the story of a new kind of entrepreneur (Chinese in this…

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santa_badass ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the country families had gathered around the hearth and reveled in the peace and quiet of the season. Children were on their best behavior having been reminded of the impending arrival of all-knowing Santa Claus. Angels and VCs had consumed large quantities of alcohol and food and were borderline comatose.  Even the internet had slowed to a crawl.  Not a creature was stirring…….  wait, that is except for my friend @semil who…

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diligence dil·i·gence1 ˈdiləjəns/ noun careful and persistent work or effort. Middle English (in the sense ‘close attention, caution’): via Old French from Latin diligentia, from diligent- ‘assiduous’ (see diligent). —– Diligence! It’s the sort of word that commands respect. “Be diligent, children”, says the kindergarten teacher to us. “Have you done your diligence?” says the trusted friend advising you on the job offer you just received. “Let’s do some diligence on this” we investors say gravely to each other after hearing a very impressive entrepreneur…

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