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About Me

holder-picI’m a serial entrepreneur with 2 exits, angel investor in 60+ companies and host of Venture Studio.

I’m also the Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and was the Director of Columbia’s Venture Lab for seven years where I spun-out 70+ technology start-ups based on university research.

One of my latest projects is the Startup Genome, where, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation and Endeavor Global, we we are mapping the entire world’s early-stage investment and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

My personal blog, www.davelerner.com, explores the worlds of university entrepreneurship, angel/venture investing, and startups and I’m a frequent contributor to multiple publications including Amex OPENForum, Forbes, peHub, and Business Insider, whose SAI group recently named me both one of the “top 100 most influential New Yorkers in the digital business community” and “one of NYC’s top 100 early stage investors”.

I’m an active organizer of entrepreneurship and venture capital events and serve on the Board of New York Tech Meetup, a non-profit organization I am proud to say is now 40,000 techies strong!








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joanne_wilson To subscribe to my podcast on Venture Capital in NYC via #iTunes https://itun.es/i6S78vQ or Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/venture-studio I recently had @thegothamgal, (Joanne Wilson), on my podcast. She’s a true original- one of a kind- just special. She’s also a prolific angel investor in New York, (85 companies and counting), and a major supporter of the city’s startup ecosystem. Joanne began angel investing in New York after careers in retail, wholesale, media, non-profit, education and real estate. Very few investors can match…

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New York, NY - August 15: For Home. East of East developer Amol Sarva at his home in Arris Lofts, 27-28 Thompson Ave in LIC Queens, August 15, 2010.  Photo by Zandy Mangold. To subscribe to my podcast on Venture Capital in NYC via #iTunes https://itun.es/i6S78vQ or Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/venture-studio A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one important thing In a recent episode of my show, Venture Studio, I spoke with one of the most fascinating people in the New York technology/entreprenurial community, Amol Sarva, on a wide range of topics. We spoke about his life not just as a company builder, (for which he is widely known), but also about…

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IMG_2403 Friends- if you’re interested in the venture capital and angel investing scene in NYC, subscribe to my podcast via iTunes: https://itun.es/i6S78vQ  and/or listen to us on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/venture-studio . For regular updates, follow us via twitter: @venturestudio My show has been around since 2011 but is now available in podcast format so you can listen while you walk, jog, drive, train, or rest on a couch. It will also come with a short summary of the venture deals in NYC…

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