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holder-picI’m a serial entrepreneur, angel investor in over 50 companies, blogger and host of Venture Studio where I engage with entrepreneurs, investors, founders and other vibrant members of the flourishing New York entrepreneurial ecosystem and beyond. One of my latest projects is the Startup Genome, where, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation and Endeavor Global, we we are mapping the entire world’s early-stage investment and entrepreneurial ecosystems in a visually pleasing, crowdsourceable format.

I’m also the Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and was the Director of Columbia’s Venture Lab for seven years where I spun-out 70+ technology start-ups based on university research.

My personal blog, www.davelerner.com, explores the worlds of university entrepreneurship, angel/venture investing, and startups and I’m a frequent contributor to Amex OPENForum, Forbes, peHub, Huffington Post, Business Insider,and Young Entrepreneur whose SAI group recently named me both one of the “top 100 most influential New Yorkers in the digital business community” and “one of NYC’s top 100 early stage investors”.

I’m an active organizer of entrepreneurship and venture capital events, serve as a mentor to entrepreneurs and start-ups in and outside of the university arena, serve on the Board of New York Tech Meetup, as Board Member to the Lang Center for Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School, and as a Board Member of both the New York Venture Community and Columbia Venture Community.


  • Venture Studio

    Founder or CoFounder

    Popular interview show engaging entrepreneurs and investors in NY’s vibrant tech ecosystem and beyond, syndications with AmexOpenForum, Mashable, GE, and others.

  • Startup Genome Project

    Founder or CoFounder

    Mapping entrepreneurial ecosystems globally in partnership with Kauffman Foundation, Endeavor.org and others.

  • Vidavee

    Founder or CoFounder

    Video Web services company that enables Web publishers to easily upload, share, analyze and monetize Internet video content. Sold to NASDAQ: VIGN.

  • LLS

    Founder or CoFounder

    CEO and cofounder of premier network of treatment facilities treating lymphatic conditions. Affiliated with Mass General, Brigham Womens, Dana Farber & Memorial Sloan Kettering. Sold in 2001.

  • Rugged Ventures

    Founder or CoFounder

    Angel investor in 50+ companies

  • Totius Group

    Founder or CoFounder

    Incubation of and investing in companies since 2001








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This is the fourth post in my ongoing Series on Technology, Disruption (and Chess).
In my previous post we discussed what I called the Great Unbundling of Venture Capital and it led to a fascinating conversation on Twitter, in the comments, in personal conversations and on various blogs.  People have strong feelings about venture capital and the topic of its evolution, and unbundling definitely touched a nerve with many.
In this post, we’ll examine the phenomenon of an ancient and venerable…

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Tree logs by Johannes Kraak - Downloaded from 500px

This is the third post in my ongoing Series on Technology, Disruption (and chess).
In the previous post I contrasted the old world of closed or hidden knowledge with the new landscape of open knowledge in which we are living. I also described a framework that I think is helpful for entrepreneurs, investors and technologists as they search for opportunities within sectors that have been or are in the midst of being disrupted by technology/software. In this post we will…

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This is part of my ongoing Series on Technology, Disruption (and chess).
In the first post of this Series, entitled: Hidden Knowledge, I talked about the phenomenon of software hitting its stride, disrupting and “laying every industry bare” – opening up knowledge and know-how that in the past was hidden and only known to “the few”. If you see me talking a lot about chess throughout this Series, it’s because its evolution through the centuries is a terrific allegory to…

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