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About Me

holder-picI’m a serial entrepreneur with 2 exits, angel investor in 60+ companies and host of Venture Studio, a popular podcast where I interview some of the most interesting investors in NYC and beyond.

I’m also the Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School and was the Director of Columbia’s Venture Lab for seven years where I spun-out 70+ technology start-ups based on university research.

My personal blog, www.davelerner.com, explores the worlds of entrepreneurship, angel/venture investing, and startups and I’m a frequent contributor to multiple publications including Amex OPENForum, Forbes, peHub, and Business Insider, whose SAI group recently named me both one of the “top 100 most influential New Yorkers in the digital business community” and “one of NYC’s top 100 early stage investors”.

I’m an active mentor to Techstars and serve on the Board of New York Tech Meetup, a non-profit organization I am proud to say is now 50,000 techies strong!








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eliot 2 To subscribe to my podcast on Venture Capital in NYC via #iTunes or Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/venture-studio In just seven years of operating, Eliot Durbin and Ed Sim (pictured above) have established Boldstart Ventures as one of the sharpest funds in the city with a specific focus on enterprise. I recently got the chance to talk to Eliot about the fund’s origins, “the scars on his back” from the early years, and the unique nature of investing in B2B startups. We were…

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Viktor_Korchnoi1 Most of the readers of this blog know by now the importance I place on resilience as a quality that entrepreneurs need to possess. I’m always preaching it to my students at Columbia and to any founders I mentor. I remind them too, that no one can be resilient if they are working on something they do not care deeply about. It is simply not something one can manufacture. As an investor I’m of course always trying to determine how…

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martino To subscribe to my podcast on Venture Capital in NYC via #iTunes https://itun.es/i6S78vQ or Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/venture-studio In this episode of Venture Studio, we hear from Paul Martino. He is the founder and General Partner at Bullpen Capital (one of the pioneers in post-seed round funding) and has a way of thinking and talking about the venture ecosystem that is uniquely his own, and unapologetically contrarian. Paul founded Bullpen in 2010 and his data-intensive approach to investing in companies such as…

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